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From 1975 to 2003 the Compaq Center served as a multi-purpose sports arena for various professional teams in Houston, most notably the NBA's Houston Rockets. The Compaq Center was also home to the graduation ceremonies of every high school in the Fort Bend Independent School District.
It was known as The Summit until 1998, when the technology firm Compaq bought naming rights to the building. In 2003 the Toyota Center opened as the new professional sports venue in Houston and the Rockets and all of the other teams and events that viewed the Compaq Center as home moved there. Shortly after 2003, the name was dropped and the building was leased out to Lakewood Church for use as its main facility. Lakewood Church purchased the building outright in 2010 from Warren Buffett.
Content is from the site's 1999-2003 archived pages and other outside sources.

Over the years the Compaq Center was home to many important and memorable moments in the lives of millions of individuals and the entire city as a whole. 

Enjoy a nostalgic trip back.....


"Back in the day, this was the premiere venue for every major event, including sports, entertainment, and conventions. In 2008, my company participated in an internet services exhibition and we introduced our smart apps to monitor your health. But it was a very unusual service exhibiting here that caught my attention back then. In those days, Google was worshiped and could do no wrong. So it was strange to see a booth for a service that offered to remove negative search results from Google. They claimed that if there was a negative news story or a bad review on page one of a Google search for your name, they could remove it to protect your reputation. They were so far ahead of the curve that no one paid attention to them at this event. But fast forward a few years and there's a booming business trying to address all the problems Google is causing with unwanted associations being made in their search results." Mitch Michaels, TrendLine


Lakewood to buy former Compaq Center for $7.5M

BRADLEY OLSON / Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle

The city is poised to sell the former Compaq Center to Lakewood Church for $7.5 million, one of a string of real estate sales city officials hope to use to help close a lingering budget shortfall.

City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed sale Wednesday, which would end a 30-year lease signed in 2001 by the megachurch's leader and television pastor Joel Osteen. Lakewood, which has the largest congregation in the United States with more than 40,000 attending services each week, made a lump-sum $11.8 million prepayment for the lease to use the 606,000-square-foot building — former home to the Houston Rockets — which sits on seven acres in the Greenway Plaza area along the Southwest Freeway.

Bob Christy, the city's director of real estate, said the complex lease arrangement, coupled with the fact that the city was scheduled to receive no income from the property for the next 23 years, makes the payment a good deal.

“With a property we can do nothing with, to me it just makes an awful lot of sense to take those present dollars today and be done with it,” Christy said. “It's a very fair deal for the city and one that makes some sense given that this property is tied up and off the books for many, many years to come.”

30-year option

Under the terms of the lease, Lakewood has an option in 2031 to extend the lease by an additional 30 years, paying $753,333 a year, beginning in 2034, for a total of more than $20 million. City documents say the sale price represents the present value of those future lease payments and the residual land value.

Christy said two independent appraisers hired by the city valued the property at $7.7 million, given the lease.

Lakewood spokesman Donald Iloff said the church has invested more than $80 million since 2001, to renovate the facility, not including operations costs.

Changes include rebuilding a basketball floor into a sanctuary with a floor that inclines upward and laying half-a-million square feet of carpet on a concrete floor, he said.

“We see a benefit in being our own landlord, which I think everybody would like to do. This made good sense,” Iloff said.

Number of factors
Marty Aaron, a real estate appraiser who specializes in religious facilities, said that while he could not determine whether the sales price was good or bad without reviewing the appraisals, taxpayers should consider a number of factors when weighing the deal.

“When the untrained eye looks at this, they're going to wonder how Lakewood Church purchased the Compaq Center for $7.5 million, when this is not really an arms-length sale from the city to Lakewood Church,” Aaron said. “Lakewood Church put a phenomenal amount of money into the facility after the lease was initially structured, and it's really not fair that someone else would get the benefit of that. ... Converting it back to a stadium-oriented facility would probably cost as much or more than it took to turn it into a church, and right now there are probably not very many organizations that would be willing to step forward and do that.”

Net proceeds from the sale will go directly into the general fund, which has an $11.9 million budget shortfall this fiscal year. The projected gap for next fiscal year is $99.5 million.



Compaq Center - at the heart of Houston's vibrant sports and entertainment scene - is one of America's premier arenas. Four major sport teams and a host of touring family shows call Compaq Center home, and the arena is a regular stop on the international concert circuit. In addition, civic, cultural and other events are held at Compaq Center year-round.

Capital improvements taking place - new seats, new signs, new scoreboards, new lights, a new sound system and a whole new look - have added to the building's great tradition as one of Houston's favorite places to play.

8:30am - 5:00pm
10:00am - 5:00pm



Houston Rockets

NBA Houston Rockets

WNBA Houston Comets

AHL Houston Aeros




2003 Events On Sale Now

Comedy Soul Festival
$41.35, $51.35, $61.35
$45, $55, $65
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50
Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures"
$12, $17, $23, $35, $50

*Any child over 12 months old will need a ticket to enter Compaq Center.

The above schedule of events is subject to change or cancellation without notice.




Booking Info

Building Features

Seating Capacity: 
17,072 In the Round 
17,064 Proscenium Full House 
11,521 Procenium Full House, Front of Stage Only 
9,576 Proscenium Half House 
6,700 Proscenium Theater 

Full masking curtain. 

Seating capacities listed do not include seating held for production purposes.

Floor Size: 
85' x 200' (17,000 sq. ft.) Floor is 6" thick concrete with load capacity of 200lb/sq. ft. Ice floor has 72 hour freeze time. Anchor inserts available.

Combination incandescent and metal halide lighting with shutters for quick on-and-off switching. Metal halide system illuminates the arena for television production. Television lighting provides 85 to over 250 foot-candles. House lights controlled from the sound room or backstage by house electricians.

Two 5 wire, 400 amp per leg, 3 phase 120-208v. fused disconnect located backstage. Two 5 wire, 200 amp per leg, 3 phase 120-208v. fused disconnect located backstage. One 5 wire, 200 amp per leg, 3 phase 120-208v. fused disconnect located on the northeast and southeast catwalks Designated house electrician must make all connections.

Twelve 2,000W Zenon Super Troopers with Clear Com intercom system connected to lights, sound boards, spotlight positions and backstage.

Public address type sound cluster with broadcast stereo quality speakers located over center of arena.

"H" beams are 81' from floor in a square grid pattern with approximately 57' between beams in both directions. All rigging plans, including desired hanging points and associated weights, side and plan view drawings must be submitted to the Compaq Center Operations Department before tickets go on sale. Safeties required on all points over seating areas.

Stageright staging 80' wide x 40' deep with an option of 48" to 74" high with two 12' sound wings. 85Ì long Stageright crowd support barricade.

Two Hyster Model 60, 4,000lb capacity with 14' rise.

Two model 500 with all hockey and ice show accessories.

Loading Dock: 
Located on the west side of the arena off Timmons Lane. Dock entrance is 30' wide x 14' high, ramp door into arena is 16' wide x 24' high, two dock doors 10' x 10'. Parking space for five 48' tractor-trailers at dock.

Dasher Wall: 
Permanent hockey dasher walls around arena floor.

Backstage Dining: 
Crew dining is adjacent to east end of dressing room hallway.

Dressing Rooms: 
Total of nine, including two large team rooms with shower facilities, six regular dressing rooms with shower facilities and one dressing with sink only.

Local off-duty police officers, private uniformed security service, and peer tee-shirt security.

Ticket Office: 
Full-service ticket office providing computerized ticketing, remote outlets and telephone order service for all events. Daily ticket office with (5) five windows located at Timmons Lane entrance and event ticket office with sixteen windows located at lower Edloe entrance. Daily Will Call ticket. Ticket Windows open 10:00am to 5pm Monday-Friday, with extended hours on event days.


Contact Info

Bryan Blaum
General Manager







Guest Policies

  • Concert Tickets on sale at Compaq Center Box Office 3 days after the first day of sale.
  • Children who have celebrated their 2nd birthday must have a ticket to enter, This ticket policy may vary on designated family shows.
  • Cash only on day of event.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Compaq Center for all events.
  • Compaq Center is ADA compliant. Assistive listening systems available. Inquire at Customer Service Booth or call 713-843-3900.


Guests may not bring animals into Compaq Center. Exceptions include guide, sign and signal dogs that aid guests with disabilities.

Compaq Center allows still cameras with or without flash attachments and with lenses that are 90mm or less if permitted by the show. Personal audio and video recording devices are not permitted during events. Houston Rockets and Houston Comets observe the above House policy on still cameras. Houston Aeros allow all cameras.

The following items are not permitted in Compaq Center: Bottles or cans Food, Coolers, Back packs, Frisbees and beach balls, Laser pointers, Any noise making devices, Fireworks, Illegal drugs and alcohol, and Weapons or dangerous devices of any type. 

All patrons, employees, and entertainers will be subject to a search of personal belongings. Anyone that refuses to turn over unauthorized items, or refuses to be searched, will not be allowed access to Compaq Center.

Guests who fail to abide by Compaq Center's policies along with state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Any guest who is violating these policies will be asked to correct their behavior, if they fail to do so in a timely manner ejection or arrest will occur. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate the property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges.

Guests that are ejected are no longer welcome at Compaq Center for that night. Any attempts at re-entry could result in arrest for trespassing.

Elevators to the Suite Level of Compaq Center are located on the concourse on the East End of the facility.

No persons except local, state and federal law enforcement officials are permitted to bring weapons of any kind into Compaq Center. Guests with a weapon and a concealed handgun permit are not allowed to enter Compaq Center. Anyone with a weapon will be instructed to return to his or her vehicle or make other arrangements. Weapons will not be checked into the security office. Guests who refuse to follow this policy will be given a refund on their tickets and asked to leave the premises.

A first aid station is located on the floor level. Trained medical personnel are on site for every public event appearing in Compaq Center. Event staff will contact medical personnel when needed.

Guests may not bring food and beverages into Compaq Center.

Compaq Center and the presenter of the event collectively establish procedures for giveaways.

Guests entering Compaq Center must be properly attired with shoes and a shirt.

Accessible Entrances: Lower Edloe entrance on the East Side of Compaq Center. Timmons Lane entrance on the West End of Compaq Center.

Assistive Listening Devices: Available upon request at the Customer Service Booth on the concourse outside Section 113.

Telecommunications Display Devices (TDD): TDD minicom IV with four rows of keys and a built-in printer port available upon request at the Customer Service Booth on the concourse outside Section 113. TDD public telephone hookup available at the phone banks located outside Sections 122 and Section 108.

Closed Captioning: Available for designated performances of select shows or by special request. Special requests must be made two weeks prior to the event.

Parking: Timmons Lane circle drive for guest drop-off or parking with appropriate vehicle registration. Greenway Plaza W2 Garage located at Timmons and Norfolk is available for properly registered vehicles.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are available upon request at the Customer Service Booth on the Concourse outside Section 113. Wheelchairs are for transportation from the doors to a guest's seat. Wheelchairs may not be used for the duration of the event. Wheelchairs are not available for use outside the Compaq Center.

Intoxicated guests are not admitted at any time. Persons denied entry into the facility would be offered a full refund from the Box Office. Intoxicated patrons are subject to ejection from the event or arrest.

Lost and found items are kept in the security office or the Event Manager's office for 90 days. Any items found before, during, and after an event will be turned into the security office or Event Manager's office. Call 713.843.3917 to retrieve lost articles.

US Hwy. 59 South exit Buffalo Speedway. Event parking: Follow signs to Greenway Plaza Parking Garage. Non-Event parking: Proceed on southbound feeder road, right on Timmons Lane. Parking located on Circle Drive near the box office windows. Administrative office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. Box office hours are Monday through Friday 10a.m. to 5p.m.

Throwing projectiles inside Compaq Center will not be tolerated. Offenders will ejected without warning.

Compaq Center has a no reentry policy whereby guests who enter the facility for an event with an admission ticket and then leave the facility are not allowed back into the building.

In compliance with City of Houston Ordinance No. 86-1311, Compaq Center is a smoke-free facility. Anyone observed smoking inside the facility will be asked to extinguish the item immediately. Any person who refuses to comply with the policy shall be subject to ejection from the facility and may be issued a citation. A smoking area is provided outside the building.

Concert Tickets on sale at Compaq Center Box Office 3 days after the first day of sale. Children who have celebrated their 2nd birthday must have a ticket to enter, This ticket policy may vary on designated family shows. Cash only on day of event.



Map & Directions

Take US 59 to the Buffalo Speedway Exit (located between the West Loop and Downtown). Proceed along the US 59 southbound feeder road. For event parking, follow signs to Greenway Plaza Parking Garage. For non-event parking, proceed on southbound feeder road, right on Timmons Lane. Parking located on Circle Drive near the box office windows. Box Office hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday.


Timmons Lane Will Call Window is on the west side of Compaq Center. Hours 10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Parking available on the Circle Driveway located on Timmons Lane.

Edloe Street Box Office Will Call Windows are located on the east side of Compaq Center. Windows opens 90 minutes prior to the beginning of an event. Access Edloe Will Call from the Greenway Plaza Parking Garage located under Greenway Plaza. Enter the Parking Garage from Richmond Avenue, Buffalo Speedway or from the Hwy. 59 feeder road between Buffalo Speedway and Edloe Street.





Group Sales

When purchasing group tickets for events at Compaq Center you'll receive great discounts off regular ticket prices. The benefits don't stop there. Compaq Center's Group Sales department offers personal service, advanced ticket reservations and priority seating for groups with no service charge!

Group Sales Guidelines

  • A group must consist of 20 or more tickets per show and group discounts are available only on group discount performances. 
  • Orders can only be placed through the Compaq Center Group Sales Department. 
  • Tickets may be purchased in person, by phone or by mail. 
  • To purchase tickets in person call 713-843-3922 for an appointment.
  • Orders will not be filled until full payment is received. 
  • Orders require a minimum of 2 business days for processing. 
  • Orders are filled on a best seating available basis at time of payment.

The Compaq Center Group Sales Department (713-843-3922) can assist you with the following events:

  • Barney's Colorful World - October 10-12, 2003
  • Disney On Ice "3 Jungle Adventures" - November 26-30, 2003

For Aeros Group Sales call 713.974.PUCK 
For Rockets Group Sales call 713.627.DUNK 
For Comets Group Sales call 713.627.WNBA 

A Compaq Center Group Sales representative is available to discuss the many events offering group discounts. For further assistance with your group planning, contact the Compaq Center Group Sales Department at 713-843-3922 or